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Our values


Preflex is a real trendsetter within the industry. Thanks to our advanced research & development techniques we manage to push ourselves beyond our limits every day and to offer electricians the highest degree of comfort when installing our products. It should therefore not come as a surprise that Preflex is the pioneer in Europe when it comes to prewired conduits. In order to keep on fulfilling the needs and wishes of our customers, we are constantly investing in innovation and exploring new ideas.


Preflex is not only a pioneer because it keeps on pushing its own limits, but those of the electricians as well. This is actually one of Preflex's priorities, together with the user-friendliness of our prewired conduits. We want to keep on improving our prewired conduits in order to guarantee an optimum satisfaction, for of the wholesalers and the electricians as well as for the project developers and the building contractors.


One of the values that Preflex feels very strongly about is open-mindedness. We are open to improvement and eager to hear about our customers’ and stakeholders’ opinions. After all, they are the key to our success. We dare to think out of the box, as it is often there that the best ideas are generated.

Preflex SAFE is voortaan groen

Kiezen voor Preflex SAFE is kiezen voor een veilige oplossing, gemakkelijk in gebruik en snel in plaatsing.

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