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prewired conduit combinations tailored to your project


Preflex is specialised in customised solutions. Are you in need of a specific type of flexible conduit or a personalised wire or cable combination, or do you have a preference for a certain packaging format? Then Preflex's be Smart solution is perfect for you, as it allows you to install your product even quicker and more efficiently. Moreover, for serial projects we are able to deliver all possible combinations, packaged per house, at the lengths desired by you

Your personalised be Smart products are delivered within 7 days, at the construction site or at your regional wholesaler

                                 How does be Smart work exactly?

Step 1: You choose the conduit and the cable that you wish to order from our range

Step 2: Preflex manufactures, assembles and packages the customised flexible conduits as you prefer

Step 3: You receive your personalised Preflex conduit within 7 days

* Only for serial projects, in cooperation with one of our product experts



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